1. If you realy have a company where you do not pay your workers that’s just mean
  2. Brookes best pizza is not trademarked
  3. As I shall quote porky pig “ble ble that’s all folks”

Brookes best pizza is now hiring. 0$ an hour.


           not real busseniss do not atempt

We will also go to Calafornia .  we will see aunt Shelley, Elise, Reed and Spencer while they are on vacation there too.

This week my family is going to Arizona!  Who are we seeing in Arizona you

might ask. Well we are seeing my uncle Johnny, uncle Brandon, aunt Shauna,

Tory, Ethan, Gami and Pappa.

Yay its summer vacation! My family and I are going to Payson,Arizona and Laguna  Beach, California!073

pepole send messagages in text languge so ttylhsfdkjhguygstffuygctjvklvhjugvjghdgytjncvuthfvgbh



I have no absolute posible idea what i just said/typed. hehe he.

Im in 3rd grade now.  My teacher is named Mrs.Mahany. She is very nice. She will help us with our work when we get stuck on

a hard question. Here she is. She is so nice and helps my class in so many ways I cant list them all.013