I found this new app called Disney gif. You can send disney gifs to your friends!

(if you don’t know what a gif is, it is a moving picture.)  It is SO much fun with all your

favorite characters! i highly recommend this app for everyone who is a big fan of disney!

1. The longest movie made is 85 hours long!

2. Once in England because of a water sprout it rained frogs

3. The Amazon rain forest supplies 1/5 of the Earth’s oxygen 

4. Honey is the only food that won’t spoil

5. A Rubik’s cube can make 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 different  combinations 



There are some things that stump me stump me in this TV series 1.Why can’t Skipper go to Denmark and what does Hans has to do with it? 2.What happened to manfridi and Johnson many episodes they are mentioned dead but in an episode you can see them alive for a minute?

the muppets
i have been watching the muppets lately their movies and TV shows are all SO funny!
here are some things to copy & paste to get to a few different places muppet babies series games videos etc. on site
buy muppet movies”

At my school we learned hour of code
we play this game its fun.

This is my 26th post! and i just for the moment felt like bloging
I watch a show called Dog with a blog and its VERY funny and reminds me of MY blog. :]

I went on this cool web site and it tells me if someones born or if some one make a post on a blog or tweets have been sent
as i said before SO COOL!

  1. If you realy have a company where you do not pay your workers that’s just mean
  2. Brookes best pizza is not trademarked
  3. As I shall quote porky pig “ble ble that’s all folks”

Brookes best pizza is now hiring. 0$ an hour.


           not real busseniss do not atempt

We will also go to Calafornia .  we will see aunt Shelley, Elise, Reed and Spencer while they are on vacation there too.